Wedding Party

Dayne DeGrazia

Maid of Honor

My travel partner and maid of honor. Together we traveled to Iceland, driving around laughing and looking at the most remarkable landscapes. She is in planning mode for our next trip to Alberta, Canada this July. When she's not planning a trip, you can find her baking anything from donuts to bagels.

Almen Ramirez

Best Man

There's a lot I can say about Almen, this guy has been my right hand for a long time, going along with all of my crazy ideas without second thought. Whenever we get together it's always a fun time and we've had a lot of fun times. This dude has not only been my support system but my best friend and bro-bean, so it's only fitting that he's my best man.

Danielle DeGrazia


One of my younger, free spirited sisters. Living on the other side of the planet, hanging out with some Aussies. She traveled to meet up with Josh and I, in New Zealand, she was busy watching dolphins swim by when we got engaged in the Milford Sound.

Jason Castro


One of my closest friends, Jason AKA Yason Yastro, has always been a great person to talk to. Jason in any situation, is usually the 'voice of reason'. That doesn't go without saying that he's a great guy to not only hangout with but know.

Deanne DeGrazia


My youngest, most craftiest sister. Always crafting and decorating anything imaginable. Even though she was scared of dogs growing up, she has become one of Delilah's favorite play dates. She is always challenging herself, as she plans to run a half marathon in the near future.

CJ Houbre


CJ has been my go-to for years, he's one of my closest and oldest friends who has always been there for me when I needed him. We can always have good laughs and the best talks, and he's easily one of the friendliest guys you'll ever meet. This guy has always been supportive of all my goals, gains, and other aspirations in life.

Meghan Dawe


I wouldn't be where I am today without Meghan. We became quick friends Junior year of college and we've continued to talk and hangout ever since. Meghan is one of the most caring and passionate people I know, especially when it comes to her teaching her students.

Derek DeGrazia


Devon's older brother, as far as I know this dude can build stuff. He's probably one of the funniest guys I've ever met and he's never in a bad mood. Our dogs may not get along but we do and I'm glad he's going to be family to me soon.

Lauren Horton


One of my best friends for the last 26+ years. I think we made a plan to be each other's bridesmaids when we were like 15 and now it's actually time. We've gone through so many different aspects of our lives together. Even when we're both super busy, we always find time to have a wine date at one of our houses.

Zachary Sylvia


Zach AKA Zeke Burns has always been not only a close friend but a bro-bean. Our friendship started while training for a Spartan Race together and whether it's getting lost on train tracks or catching a late night gym session, he's always been there.

Christina Camara


Josh's older sister living in Maryland, studying Molecular Biophysics. She enjoys tormenting Josh almost as much as I do, that's a joke, in all actuality she's a very supportive and loving older sister and I can't wait to add her to my collection of sisters.

Jeff Pacheco


Whether it's helping me with a car or making some serious gains in the gym, this guy is a go-to. Jeffy is a great friend who's always been a blast to hang out with. We'd officially met while I peer mentored his high school history class and since then we've been close. He's always prepped for whatever gets tossed his way and I couldn't have asked for a better friend.
Christie Kelly